Bluffworks Threshold Womens T-Shirt

Note: This shirt was provided by Bluffworks for review purposes.

A few months ago Bluffworks launched their women’s collection. I was excited to try out some of their pieces considering how much Steve and Ben like their dress shirt, suit, and Threshold T-Shirts. It’s great to see companies branching out into performance women’s wear. While the current line is limited, they have some great wardrobe staples.

The Threshold Womens T-Shirt has quickly become a cornerstone of my wardrobe. I find myself wearing it to work, on the weekend, and layered under sweaters.


This t-shirt is made of 66% polyester, 29% lyocell, and 5% elastane. It wicks moisture, dries quickly, resists odors, and it’s wrinkle resistant.

The fabric drapes nicely without being too clingy or baggy. It was soft from the first wear and has gotten better since washing it. The elastane gives it just the right amount of stretch for it to hold its shape and move well.

The weight of the fabric also makes it a great all seasons piece — layering during the colder months and then on its own during warmer months.


I can get multiple wears out of this shirt between washes, and it really holds up to its odor resistant claim. I find I can get almost as many wears as I can get from a merino shirt.

This t-shirt dries quickly and wicks sweat away, and it is really breathable which will make it a good shirt for warm temperatures.

Also, I haven’t had any issues with it wrinkling, it’s always frustrating to have a t-shirt that wrinkles as they should be easy go-to pieces.

Fit & Style

I normally opt for a crew neck t-shirt as I find a lot of v-neck t-shirts have a deeper v then I like. The cut of the neck on this shirt is an ideal v-neck cut for me, this also makes it dressier than some of the other t-shirts in my closet. The curved bottom and longer hem in the back give it a flattering feminine shape.

This shirt fits true to size, and is long enough to tuck in if desired.


This is the technical t-shirt I have been searching for. While $45 for a simple, non-merino t-shirt may seem like a lot, I would highly recommend the Threshold T-Shirt considering the versatility and features.

I am excited to see the next pieces Bluffworks releases for women, including the Trevi Blazer, and look for an upcoming review of the Trevi Pant.

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Bluffworks Threshold Womens T-Shirt