Bluffworks Trevi Pant

Note: These pants were provided by Bluffworks for review purposes.

In addition to the Threshold Women’s T-Shirt (our review), I’ve also been trying out the Trevi Pant from the new Bluffworks Women’s collection. These pants are really comfortable while looking dressy enough for a nice night out or a meeting where jeans are not appropriate.


These pants are 98% polyester and 2% spandex, an easy-care lightweight material. After washing them I hang them up to dry, no ironing needed. They pack down nicely and are ready to wear which is always a plus when traveling. The fabric drapes nicely and has flattering front pleats, with the addition of spandex they are not as restricting as some dress pants.


I wasn’t sure how warm these would be in the winter months, the fabric description mentions that they are an all-season twill weave but the fabric does not feel heavy. Almost every time I have worn these it has been on the colder side (20°F-30°F), they are warm enough but I wouldn’t want to be outside in cold temperatures for a long period of time. I have not had the chance to wear them in warmer weather but they breath well which will be nice for hot days.

With 8 pockets it is easy to carry all of my essentials without the hassle of carrying a bag, the back pockets and one of the front pockets have zippers which provide extra security. There are also hidden stash pockets on the waistband if there is something small you want to carry and are worried about losing.

The odor resistance is a plus as I can see these being a great option for a long travel day.

Fit & Style

These pants have an adjustable hem via built in snaps, which is a great feature if you want to make them more casual. I do wish there was a longer option as the unrolled length is shorter than I typically prefer.

I really like the side closure on these pants combined with the semi-fitted mid-rise waistband, they are very comfortable. I have a couple of other dressier pairs of pants and with the typical button & zipper closure they can be uncomfortable if you are sitting all day or traveling, that is not the case with the Trevi Pant.

These can be dressed up with a button down shirt or dressed down with a nicer t-shirt. The one think I struggled with was what winter footwear to wear with them. I found they work well with a low pair of boots but I do prefer wearing them with flats or loafers.


Overall the Bluffworks Trevi Pant is a great option if you are looking for a versatile pant that can be dressed up or down. While the length is shorter than I typically prefer I know I will get a lot of wear once the weather warms up.

At $150 these are a good addition if you have the need to dress up on a regular basis or if you travel a lot and want pants that are low maintenance.

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Bluffworks Trevi Pant