Fabric Care

Part of owning great clothes is learning how to take care of them. Of course, we always recommend following the manufacture washing directions, but here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way.

General Tips

Hand washing is always more gentle than a machine. When machine washing delicate fabric (such as merino), a laundry bag is always a good idea. Front loaders are more gentle than top loaders, and a gentle/delicate cycle with cold water is also a good idea for delicate fabric. We love Kookaburra Wash or Eucalan for washing, especially merino wool. If hand washing, these detergents have the added benefit of not needing a rinse.

Since much of the clothing we talk about is made from performance fibers (synthetics and merino), the dryer is usually not necessary (and just adds unnecessary wear). If your clothing gets wrinkly (and the care instructions allow), a steamer is more gentle than an iron.

Merino Tips

Always wash with cold water and a detergent containing lanolin (oil that is naturally in wool) and never machine dry. Usually hanging or laying flat to dry takes care of any wrinkles. If you are hand washing, roll in a towel before hanging rather than wringing to avoid stressing the fabric.

Synthetic Tips

Follow the washing directions (but it never hurts to wash cold and skip the dryer) and be careful of hot surfaces (such as irons and camp fires), as synthetic materials will melt.

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Fabric Care