Olivers Convoy Tee

The Convoy Tee is Olivers Apparel’s merino wool athletic t-shirt. I’ve been giving it a workout for the past few months, and I’m impressed. As part of what is becoming a crowded market (performance athletic t-shirts), the Convoy Tee can certainly hold its own.


The fabric is 18.5 micron (which seems to be the standard), 100% merino wool with a 165 gsm weight. This means the shirt is perfect for workouts, warm weather, and layering. I’ve sensed little scratchiness, and have been very impressed with how it has held up to workouts. I have yet to find any areas of pilling nor has the shirt become stretched out with repeated wears between washes.

Fit, Finish, and Performance

The fit of the Convoy Tee is athletic. I chose my size from the measurements on the website (I’m always a L or XL and ended up with an XL here), and the shirt fits very tight. The fit seems to be geared more towards a slim, rather than muscular build. It works well for exercise, but is too tight for me to wear for other purposes. If you are planning to wear this shirt for more relaxed, casual wear, you might want to consider sizing up one from where you land on the sizing chart (I could not do this as XL is their largest size). The shirt also seems to me to run a little short (at least for someone tall like me — I’m 6’ 2”), again OK for exercise, but not for everyday wear.

Note: I reached out to Olvers to discuss the fit and they indicated that the batch of shirts currently on the site turned out smaller than they had hoped. They’ve updated the size chart with a note to size up for a relaxed fit. They are working on updating their sizing chart with garment measurements.

The finish on this shirt is excellent. The fabric lays nicely and the seams are all comfortably sewn. My favorite aspect of this shirt is how the sleeves and shoulders are constructed (Olivers calls it a “reverse raglan sleeve”). I find this sleeve style gives excellent range of motion — I don’t get the constriction and bunching that sometimes comes with standard sleeves.

I’ve been extremely impressed with the odor resistance of the Convoy Tee — I’ve worn it for at least 5 sweaty workouts before washing every time. Hanging it up to dry and air out seems to work magic along with the 100% merino composition of the fabric.


I purchased this the Convoy Tee with the intention of having it as a multipurpose (casual and exercise) shirt, however due to the fit it has become an exercise only shirt. The fabric and construction are excellent, and I’d imagine I would love it even more if I could size up.

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Olivers Convoy Tee