Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket

I asked around on Reddit for opinions on a good lightweight sport coat to travel with. While there were a lot of the standard answers, there were far more people advocating wool over the other “travel” oriented options. Torn on this, I picked up the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket in charcoal.

The Telegraph hits a nice price point, with wool, linen, and stretch built into the jacket. While they make several colors of this jacket, confusingly each color is often a different fabric, so these thoughts only apply to the charcoal jacket.


I would characterize the overall fit of the jacket as slim — had I chosen this jacket before I lost some weight, I don’t think I would have liked it. But given that I did lose that weight, the overall fit is quite nice. Use their sizing guide, as I find it to be spot on. I do wish they offered odd sizes, but that’s a minor nitpick, especially at this price point.

Fabric and Style

This feels and looks like a more casual jacket. It’s not a suit jacket, it’s a sport coat. The pocketing is very casual and there’s no lining or shoulder pads. The fabric looks normal. Yet, given the blend, the jacket breathes and moves exceedingly well.

I’ve worn the jacket around Houston (in the winter, still 90 degrees though) with my Wool & Prince shirts and while I was warm, I was not dying. It’s a fantastic layer for dressing up your look.

I don’t find the stretch mind blowing, but I do find the breathability to be awesome. Overall, I really like the fabric as it offers great hand feel and warm weather performance.

There are two things that make this jacket casual. The cut and the pocketing, also the complete lack of lining. At first I did not like that there was no lining, but I’ve since come to really appreciate this.

The Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer is a great jacket to use as a layer when the weather is cooler. The Telegraph, on the other hand, is perfect for warm weather.

Mine spent two flights rolled up and stuffed into different bags. It was generally abused and I can’t find any sign of wrinkles — certainly nothing which lasts. It’s comfortable to wear and packs down small.


Initially, I bought this jacket for date nights, to dress up my standard button down and Slim Dungarees. Generally though, I like the Gramercy much better for the cool weather in Washington. However, this Telegraph jacket is an instant winner for any warm weather — travel or not

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Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket