UnderFit V-Neck Undershirt

These shirts were provided for review by UnderFit.

Finding a comfortable undershirt with a deep enough neck that stays tucked in all day can be a challenge. UnderFit has been making undershirts since 2012 and has spent a lot of time refining the fabric, fit, and finish of their shirts.


The shirts are made with a custom fabric that is 95% Modal, 5% Lycra. The Modal gives the shirt its softness, temperature regulation, and moisture absorption (odor resistance) properties. The Lycra gives the shirt its slight stretch so it can comfortably fit close to your body. The fabric feels very soft and is actually quite thick. Surprisingly, I was able to get two wears out of a shirt — something that I would have never expected from a non-merino undershirt. This remained true even when I wore the shirt for a long day and got quite sweaty. One perk of the UnderFit fabric over merino is that you can wash and dry the shirts however you want.

Fit and Finish

The “fit calculator” on the UnderFit website makes it easy to pick a size. You put in your height and weight and are given your size. I was sent a few sizes to give a try, and I found the size provided by the calculator gave the best fit.

The shirts fit close to the body with an extra long length so they stay tucked in all day. I’ve sometimes found close fitting undershirts to be too constricting, but the stretch made this shirt extremely comfortable. The v-neck was also cut perfectly, I never felt that it was going to show above my shirt. The seams on the shirt are sewn so they remain flat and don’t feel abrasive, something that can’t be said for all undershirts, especially the points of some v-necks.

In addition to the white v-neck, I was also able to give the skin tone v-neck a try. When wearing a white shirt over a white undershirt, the undershirt often shows through. The skin tone fabric is meant to blend in with your skin and make the undershirt less noticeable. I found that the UnderFit skin tone did a good job solving this problem (I also find a light grey color to work similarly).


Like I mentioned above, I was able to get two wears out of a single shirt. While quite good for a non-merino shirt, this doesn’t beat my merino undershirt (Icebreaker Anatomica).

Being thick, the fabric is great for cool weather, but I’m not sure how comfortable it would be in the middle of summer. While the fabric does a good job wicking moisture, it might trap too much heat.


I was quite impressed with the UnderFit V-Neck Undershirts. They are very soft, fit close to the body, stay tucked in, and the stretch makes them very comfortable. The ability to get two wears is impressive, but the thickness could be an issue in the heat of the summer. While they will not displace my merino undershirt, I will certainly keep them in my drawer. If you are looking for a non-merino undershirt, UnderFit should be your top choice.

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UnderFit V-Neck Undershirt