Ben’s Packing List: End of February 2018

Trip details: This was a two day, one night trip for business, with very little time for anything other than meetings and sleep.

Packing List

What I Wore

Notes and Considerations

I still feel I can slim down some of the gear I take, especially with toiletries. As for the clothing, it was a near perfect load out — had I not been meeting with the same person the day I landed and the next day I would have only packed one shirt. The GORUCK Simple Windbreaker made for a great travel layer when I got back and it was frigid and snowy. I’d prefer to have traveled with different pants, but I didn’t want to go to a business meeting in Khaki pants so my Slim Dungarees were the best option I had (according to my wife). Looks like another pair of pants are in my future.

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Ben’s Packing List: End of February 2018