Outlier Strong Dungarees

A while back Outlier started making Strong Dungarees. They are a blend of a heavier version of Slim Dungarees and a work pant. Essentially: these are a pair of pants that are insanely durable but still have a lot of benefits over standard work pants. I’ve now owned two pairs of these pants, I can say that these are quite a good pair of pants, especially given that the fit is very different than that of the Slim Dunagrees (our review).


Outlier makes these out of “Strongtwill” which is 96% Nylon, 4% Elastane coming in at 320 gsm. The texture itself is very much a twill texture, and is quite nice in person and for hand feel. Like the Slim Dungarees, there is no discernible stretch in these pants. I am sure it is there, but it’s not something you are going to notice.

The material itself is very heavy, and very rugged feeling. Outlier says over time that these pants will break in and become softer and softer, while still being tough. I can see that, as I’ve seen that with other nylon products, but in the months I’ve had these pants they feel the same as the day they arrived.

The nature of these pants lends them to cooler weather only. They don’t breathe quite as well as other Outlier pants, though they still dry fast, and they also help keep you warmer. Overall I would say you don’t want to go much above 75 °F in these pants.


They start stiff, but Outlier notes they soften over time. I find them oddly comfortable. It’s hard to describe, but the stiffness doesn’t bother me at all, and the extra legroom affords plenty of movement.

They aren’t comfortable in the same way as Climbers or Slim Dungarees, those are comfortable in the same way sweatpants or warm up pants are. Strong Dungarees are comfortable like your favorite pair of blue jeans.


They feel truly indestructible, and honestly for most of life they might be. I hear they don’t handle wiping out from a skateboard on concrete, but fare better than jeans. That’s the only complaint about durability I’ve heard. Having spent time in the construction field wearing Carharrt pants, my gut tells me Strong Dungarees will last better than those.

They look brand new, no matter what I seem to do to them. They only slightly soften when washing, so even the top load washer I have can’t beat them into submission.

One Issue to Note

I’ve seen more than a few Redditors note that the fabric itself can grab leg hairs and pull them. This is understandably uncomfortable and a deal breaker for those who experience it. I’ve not noticed it at all, but the Outlier return policy is your friend in that situation.

As you can see, the Black tends to pick up dust easily. That’s not wear on the pants.
As you can see, the Black tends to pick up dust easily. That’s not wear on the pants.


Perhaps the most amazing part of these pants is how they truly don’t look like a non-cotton material. They look downright normal and I don’t get to say that often. That alone should make them a no-brainer for anyone living away from the equator.

They are neck and neck with the Slim Dungarees for my favorite Outlier pants.

Steve’s Thoughts

I’ve had the Strong Dungarees since they were released. The Strongtwill fabric has a unique texture that lends to a nice feel and helps give the pants their stiffness. I think the look of the fabric, and the stacking it enables, allows these to pass as 100% non-technical pants. To me, they feel like a slightly less heavy pair of nice denim jeans — they feel soft but act strong. There’s no reason why these can’t replace your favorite pair of jeans.

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Outlier Strong Dungarees