Steve’s Packing List: October 2018

Trip Details: Three night, four day trip by air for business meetings.

Packing List


I wore:

Notes and Considerations

I packed the perfect amount of clothes for this trip. While I could have worn one Wool & Prince shirt the whole time, I wanted to have some variety. This all fit in my GR1 with plenty of room to spare

The Ministry of Supply Composite Polo performed above my expectations in regards to odor resistance. I got pretty sweaty on a walk from the train to my hotel the first day I wore it, and I was still able to get a second wear. This makes me think in a less sweaty situation, I could possibly get more than two wears, which is surprising given it is only 15% merino wool (with the balance being polyester). Look for a review soon.

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Steve’s Packing List: October 2018