Bluffworks Piton Polo

This polo was provided by Bluffworks for review purposes.

Bluffworks recently released a few new pieces, a t-shirt, new chinos, and a polo. Being one of our favorite companies for everyday performance/travel apparel, we jumped at the chance to give them a try. This review focuses on the new Piton Polo. We had high expectations, as their Meridian Dress Shirt (our review) is among our most worn dress shirts. Bluffworks managed to succeed in meeting and exceeding those expectations.


The fabric on this shirt is a 100% polyester pique knit, which gives the Spun Grey color I have a great texture and nice visual interest. Even without any stretch content, the knit of the fabric allows for a little stretch.

Bluffworks also did a great job keeping the fabric to a very matte finish (no technical shine here). The fabric drapes well and somehow remains lightweight while not getting that static cling look that can ruin the look of many lightweight polyester shirts.

As far as wrinkle resistance, the shirt can pick up light creases when tightly folded for long periods of time (not so much that they are noticeable while wearing though). I saw this out of the package and can still see light creases in my shirt after washing. Bluffworks does offer a suggestion to “refresh” the fabric “wash in warm water, 104° F (40° C), warm dry, and remove promptly to hang after drying”, which I have yet to try as I always wash cold and want to see if these creases will take care of themselves. I haven’t set in any of my own wrinkles yet, so I don’t think this will pose an issue.


Bluffworks offers Classic and Slim fits in both Regular and Tall lengths, which is something I really appreciate. It is nice to be able to really dial-in the fit.

I dialed in my fit with the Threshold Performance T-Shirt — I tried both a L Classic and an XL Slim (Regular length) and found the XL Slim to fit the best (it fit closer in the body while allowing more room at the neck and shoulders). I ordered the polo in the same size and it feels like the fit is consistent.

For me, the Regular length feels perfect for the polo, as it stays tucked in but also isn’t too long to wear untucked.

Comfort & Performance

The Piton Polo is my most comfortable synthetic polo. It is breathable enough that I can see it working well throughout the hottest parts of the summer while still having enough weight that it looks good. The shirt dries extremely fast — when it comes out of my washer it is almost dry.

When it comes to odor resistance, Bluffworks claims that the fabric is antimicrobial but doesn’t note any special treatments. For me, it performed similarly to my Meridian shirt. It won’t smell too bad after one day, but requires a quick rinse if you want to wear it again. This is much better than any of my other synthetic polos that can stink after one day.

Finally, another key for polo performance is the collar. While not stiff and structured like the Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 Polo (our review), it lays flat all day without any curling or weird folding. There is always a tradeoff here — polos with a structured collar are guaranteed to always look sharp, but the collar can give away the technical nature. In the case of this collar, it stays sharp in most cases while allowing the shirt to blend in.


In the synthetic polo arena, the Piton Polo is going to be hard to beat. It performs well and will only get better as the weather continues to warm up.

If you are looking for a polo to take you through the summer that can be dressed up or down, this one is worthy of your consideration. Even better, at $68 it represents an excellent value and is priced lower than many of its competitors.

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Bluffworks Piton Polo