Boundary The Chase Pant Preview

Boundary gave me a chance to take a look at their new Kickstarter product, The Chase Pant. They sent me a sample of the solid pant in the Straight fit. These are a five pocket design with some extra hidden pockets. They will also be offering a unique denim dyed color without the hidden zipper pockets on the legs.

For these pants, Boundary developed a proprietary fabric called TT-1, made from Combat Wool, T-400 Lycra, and Nylon 6,6. They claim significant breathability, temperature regulation, and odor resistance from the merino/nylon combo and the T-400 is supposed to move and rebound 15x better than standard Lycra or Spandex. They top it all off with a DWR coating. There is minimal technical sheen, a great texture, and no “technical swoosh”.

I’ve had the pants for about a week and am pretty impressed so far. I wasn’t able to get my exact size as they aren’t in production yet, but I can say these are the most stretchy pants I’ve worn. While the fabric is noticeably heavier than my lightweight Outlier Futureworks, it seems very breathable, but I have not yet had a chance to test them in very hot or humid weather.

I can’t say if these are going to become my go-to travel and everyday pants, but they are certainly interesting. It seems they have put a lot of thought into the fabric and construction. My favorite feature is the unique RiRi button snap.

Surprisingly from a Kickstarter, they will be available in five colors and they even have women’s options. If it says anything, I backed them to get my wife a pair.

The Kickstarter is open until July 3. Look for a full review once production pants are available.

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Boundary The Chase Pant Preview