Taylor Stitch The California in Olive Hemp Poplin

Ever since I got my first shirt from Taylor Stitch, I’ve been keeping an eye out on their “Workshop” and “Last Call” sections. These are great spots to grab good deals on items from Taylor Stitch.

A few months ago, I picked up their The California in Olive Hemp Poplin button-down shirt.


This shirt is made from a 5-oz. 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton blend. The weight makes it a very versatile shirt, working well in the summer as well as the fall and spring.

The high hemp content gives the shirt a great texture that adds some interest to the shirt, and pushes the fabric solidly into the casual category for me.

The weight and medium color of the fabric also allow this shirt to be worn without an undershirt, a big plus for those warm summer days.

Fit & Style

Overall the fit works well for me. It seems like the Taylor Stitch shirts are cut quite consistently, which is not always a given. The body is trim but not slim and the sleeves have plenty of length.

While on the longer side, the length of the body lends well to wearing either tucked or untucked. I’ve only ever worn it untucked due to the casual look of the fabric.

The collar also lends to the casual look, as while it never spreads so far that it lays flat, it tends to spread out quite a bit.


Taylor Stitch bills this fabric as helping to keep you cool and dry when the temperature rises. Wearing this shirt since the end of the summer, I can say that this is true. I never felt like the armpits were wet and never noticed any sweat marks.

The shirt also does well with odor-resistance, as I am able to get a solid 2+ wears out of this shirt, depending on how much I was sweating while wearing it.

It also performs well for not having any stretch in it. I never felt restricted while wearing the shirt.

Finally, you will not get away without an iron here. When coming out of the laundry, it is very wrinkly. I even tried tossing it in the dryer and hanging it immediately, with no luck. While it does look good with some level of wrinkles, it is way too wrinkly after washing to wear.


I really like the shirt. The texture and weight of the fabric gives it a great look and it works really well for casual wear and the high hemp content lends to the durability and performance. While I’m not sure I’d recommend it at the full $128 price, it represents a good value at the marked down $89.

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Taylor Stitch The California in Olive Hemp Poplin