Revtown Sharp Jeans

Note: These jeans were provided by Revtown for review purposes.

Revtown has been around for almost two years now, but has been hitting the advertising circuit recently. I discovered the company from the Morning Brew newsletter.

Their goal is to make “Jeans that last longer, look great, and are incredibly comfortable.” I’ve been wearing the jeans for a few weeks, and I think they’ve done a great job, especially given the price point.


Revtown has designed their own proprietary Italian denim they call “Decade Denim” (92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% elastane).

They go a step further and make the denim in a clean way — 100% of waste is recycled back, dying process results in 30% less energy, 50% less water, and 70% less chemicals than typical dying techniques. Additionally, the cotton is BCI-certified, which aims to produce cotton in a cleaner, more sustainable way.

While this all adds up to some nice marketing, the fabric has to perform. In my testing, it does. The stretch of the fabric is apparent in hand, but is really noticeable while wearing the jeans.

Fit & Style

Revtown offers three styles in the Mens Jeans — “Sharp”, an everyday “slim-not-skinny” cut; “Taper”, a slim fit through the knee with a taper from knee to ankle; and “Automatic”, a straight cut with relaxed waist and thighs.

For this review, I gave the Sharp style a try. I found their description to be accurate. It was slim and modern while not being too tight anywhere. Style wise, this is exactly where I want my jeans.

To help with sizing a “Digital Tailor” is available. Taking into account your usual size, height, weight, build, and fit preferences, the tailor recommends a size. For me, that was a 35×32 (I wear 34×34 in Levi 541, and 34 or 35×32 or 34 in all my pants).

Revtown sent me both a 34 and a 35 waist, and it ended up that the 34×32 fit me better — just something to keep in mind if the Digital Tailor recommends something that doesn’t quite make sense (and they do offer free returns and exchanges).

As far as color, I got to check out both the Dark Indigo and the Washed Indigo, with the Washed Indigo being the color in the size I kept. To me, the Dark Indigo is the quintessential dark jean, while the Washed Indigo gives the jeans a slightly more causal but still sharp look (and many other washes/colors are also available).


The performance in these jeans is all about the stretch in the fabric. While wearing them, they don’t feel like jeans at all. While the stretch isn’t extreme, there is never any feeling of restriction. In the case of a heavier fabric like this, an extreme level of stretch would actually hurt the jeans because heavy, really stretchy fabrics tend to drape in a weird, baggy way.

The level of stretch is also perfect because while there is a little bit of relaxation that happens during the first wear after a wash, I didn’t find the jeans to bag out with multiple wears.

The only negative I found here is the pockets. I found them to be more shallow than many of my other pants. With my iPhone XS in my pocket, there is only about an inch of pocket above the top of the phone. When compared to my Levi 541s, there is about two inches of pocket. However, this wasn’t too much of an issue when just carrying my iPhone, but when I had my work phone in my pocket as well, I noticed some pinching/digging from the phones.


Revtown has done a great job with their Decade Denim and the Sharp cut. With the ability to choose from three cuts and even and odd waist sizing, everyone should be able to find a great fit (and they even make Women’s jeans as well).

At $79, these will be the jeans that I will recommend and are definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a comfortable and good looking pair of jeans.

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Revtown Sharp Jeans