Pistol Lake Minimalist Joggers

 Note: These pants were provided by Pistol Lake for review purposes.

We’ve taken a look at many of Pistol Lake’s performance clothing, including their Minimalist Pullover Hoodie last year. They recently released their Minimalist Joggers, made out of the same Eclon fabric.

I’ve been wearing these for a few weeks now, so let’s take a look at how they perform.


The Eclon material is one of Pistol Lake’s custom fabric blends, consisting of 46% nylon, 42% polyester, and 12% spandex.

The fabric is extremely soft and spans the line of having a substantial feeling while still being light. While it doesn’t have any technical sheen to give it away, the high amount of stretch does give it a little different drape.

Fit & Style

These pants are styled in the classic jogger look and are described as having an athletic fit. I think that’s spot on. For me, they have room in the seat/hips, with a close fit through the thigh and calves. They fall above the ankle, as joggers should.

Two nice additions to the classic jogger include a back pocket and an internal snap pocket (inside the right front pocket) to secure your phone or wallet.


The close fit through the thigh and ankle, along with the stretch of the fabric keep these pants out of your way. The legs don’t seem to ride up when doing exercises like squats, which can get annoying with pants with looser legs.

These pants dry much more quickly than I’d expect for the weight, which seems odd compared to how they perform in practice while exercising. When sweaty, I get almost a clammy feeling — not cold-clammy, but a feeling that the moisture is being trapped between my skin and the pants. Taking both observations into account, maybe the fabric just isn’t great at absorbing moisture at all, helping it to dry quickly, but also causing that sensation when sweaty.


The Minimalist Joggers are a great athletic cut in an interesting, lightweight synthetic material. If you are looking for a pair of soft pants to lounge in, these work well. Since the fabric doesn’t feel great to me when sweaty, I can’t recommend them 100%, but may be worth a look if you just want them for lounging or have a different feeling about the Eclon fabric.

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Pistol Lake Minimalist Joggers