Western Rise AT Slim Pant

Note: These pants were provided by Western Rise for review purposes.

With the Western Rise The Evolution Pant (our review) as a pair of pants that I wear quite frequently, I decided to take the opportunity to take a look at the AT Slim Pant.

I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now, including traveling with six flights in three days.


These pants are made from Western Rise’s AT Cloth, a 97% nylon, 3% spandex fabric with air-texturized fibers and a canvas structure. The weight comes in at 280 gsm and they are coated with a nano-scale C6 DWR.

The spandex gives the fabric 2-way weft stretch, this is not very noticeable to the hand, but the fabric does move decently while wearing.

The canvas structure gives the fabric a nice texture and the weight helps the fabric break, like a good pair of jeans, rather than the drape of a lighter nylon fabric.

Unfortunately, there is some “nylon swish” while walking. The fabric was quite stiff out of the box, but it has softened some with washing. So far, the noise hasn’t been reduced, but it may as the fabric softens further.

Fit & Style

The fit here is very similar to The Evolution Pant — the listed measurements are exactly the same. The only difference I noticed was that the rise feels a little lower. They fit slim but not overly so, and are more of a straight than tapered fit.

Being five-pocket, they stand in well for jeans, especially with the break, rather than drape of the fabric. The texture also adds to the more casual look, although I think they sit in the same “dressiness” category as a nice pair of dark jeans.


In order to increase the durability and give the pants structure, there are some trade offs to performance. While there is a little stretch, the gusset is definitely needed here to make the pants move comfortably. I never felt any restriction while wearing the pants, but they certainly aren’t “sweat pants comfortable”, like some pants with a high level of 4-way stretch.

With a fairly heavy 280 gsm weight, they wear cooler than expected — I never felt too warm or sweaty.

While the nylon here does give the pants some noise while walking, it does allow the pants to dry extremely fast if they get wet (the C6 DWR does repel a light rain) or after washing.

A few other nice additions to the pants are a phone pocket in the right pocket in place of the coin pocket. It comfortably fits my iPhone XS and keeps it in a more comfortable location than the main pocket.

There is also a hidden zipper pocket inside the right back pocket.

All the pockets are also made of a nylon fabric, so they don’t hold moisture.

Durability-wise, I can’t comment for sure as I’ve only been wearing the pants for a few weeks, but they certainly seem like they will hold up well to any abrasions and resist pulls.


Overall, the AT Slim Pant is a nice entry into the more durable synthetic pant market and sit as a nice denim substitute. While they don’t have a ton of stretch, they still are comfortable and perform well, except for the noise while walking. They will definitely remain in my rotation for times when I need a more durable and abrasions resistant pant.

If you are looking for a pant that has much more stretch, while still claiming high durability, the just-launched Diversion Pant is worth a look (look for a review in the coming weeks). These also come with a slimmer, more tapered fit (they are cut 0.5-1” smaller in all measurements).

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Western Rise AT Slim Pant