Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Long Sleeve Crew

Mack Weldon is known for their underwear, but offers a wide range of Men’s basics. We’ve previously taken a look at their 37.5 Oxford (our review) and SILVERKNIT Polo (our review), and I’ve been giving their WARMKNIT Waffle Long Sleeve Crew a test this winter.


The fabric here is a micro-waffle knit blend consisting of 43% modal, 38% Thermolite polyester, 14% wool, and 5% spandex. The modal makes the shirt soft, the wool some enhanced odor resistance and moisture wicking, and of course the spandex for stretch. Thermolite is a hollow-core fiber that traps more heat than traditional fibers, allowing the shirt to be warmer than it’s weight gives away.

Fit & Style

Based on the sizing chart, I chose an XL, and that gave me a nice, close to the body fit that is great for layering. While I mostly wore this shirt as a layer, it works well on its own as well.

The shirt has a raglan sleeve, which, along with the stretch, makes it extremely comfortable. The ribbed wrist cuffs make for a nice finished look.

While overall I’d say this is a quite casual piece if worn other than as a layer, overall the cut and finish helps it look more polished.


With the 14% wool content, I didn’t expect much in the way of odor resistance, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m able to get a few wears out of this shirt before it needs to be washed. The shirt also wicks moisture well, but I’m not sure the wool adds anything in this department (I would compare it to other polyester/modal/lyocell blends I have).

The stretch here adds to the comfort of the shirt. Even though it is 5% spandex, it’s not overly stretchy, so there is no bagging or weird draping.

And finally, the Thermolite. This hollow core polyester fiber does make a difference in the warmth to weight ratio. The shirt is quite light and thin, but it is nice and warm, making it a great layering piece. In addition to just being warm, it also regulates temperature well. I found it to be not too hot indoors, while still being warm when needed.


I was quite impressed with the WARMKNIT Waffle. It is very soft and comfortable, is warm without being bulky, and resists odor well enough to give a couple of wears.

The price is right at $68 but it is a great deal when you get it at the typically found 20% markdown (either a coupon or their loyalty program).

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Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Waffle Long Sleeve Crew