Proof Stretch Flannel

When I saw the Proof Stretch Flannel come up in the clearance section of Huckberry, I couldn’t help but grab one to try. Based on the description, I expected something heavy that wouldn’t get much wear until late Fall, but I was pleasantly surprised.


This shirt is cotton with 2.3% spandex added for stretch. It is more like brushed cotton shirting than flannel to me, which is a nice change over a traditional flannel. This gives it a soft hand while still feeling like it will be durable enough to hold up to weekend work.

The stretch is only slight, but combined with the back pleat, it gives the shirt enough give to move with you.

Fit & Style

The fit is spot on for me. It has a nice tailored cut, without being too slim. It works well either tucked or untucked, and definitely can be dressed up with a pair of chinos.

Some other nice touches that make the shirt more polished than a typical flannel are the button-down collar and the single pocket (without a flap).

The style leans casual, or as a casual Friday shirt for work, but not business casual.


This is a solid, more traditional, cool weather shirt. It breathes well and gives a little extra warmth over a typical cotton shirt. It will definitely continue to get wear into the spring, and I will bring it out again in the fall.

Odor resistance wise, I found this about on par with what I expected — two wears with an undershirt.

Shirts like this can come out of the wash with tons on wrinkles. Here, the wrinkles mostly fall out while hanging to dry and a light iron returns it to a crisp state.


The Proof Stretch Flannel turned out to be better than I expected. While it doesn’t have many performance features, it’s a solid shirt that I will get a lot of wear out of.

It is a steal on sale at $35, and would be at home in many closets (and I recommend the Navy Check, it is sharp).

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Proof Stretch Flannel