Everlane The Performance Jean

When I saw Everlane’s $50 denim sale back in March, I decided to give The Performance Jean from their Uniform collection a try — all Uniform pieces can be replaced if they fail or you are dissatisfied within 365 days of purchase. With that guarantee and at such a low price, it made it an easy decision to give them a try.


These jeans are made of a four-way stretch 94% organic cotton, 2% elastane, 4% other fiber. The “other fiber” seems unusual to me, but I’m betting it is something for extra stretch.

The Dark Indigo color I got is a nice mid-dark color, what I’d consider a standard dressier jeans color.

Fit & Style

Based on the size chart, I went with the Athletic fit. That gives a little extra room in the seat/hips and the thighs, which works well for me as the stretch is only slightly noticeable.

Being a larger company, there also is the benefit of Everlane offering odd-sized waists, four lengths, and four fits, so it should be pretty easy for anyone to dial in a great fit.

Style wise, these aren’t anything special. They are standard, athletic fit jeans with a little stretch — nothing more or less.


The athletic fit combined with the slight stretch makes these jeans comfortable, and about on par performance-wise with other stretch jeans you can find at this price point.

Surprisingly, the jeans bag out a little in the thighs and seat between washes (although the waist didn’t stretch). I’m guessing this has something to do with the 4% “other fiber” content.


I found these jeans to be average and about the same as other “performance” (meaning a little stretch) jeans you can find at this price point. The stretch and slight bagging out are what you’ll find in most of them.

I still prefer my Revtown Sharp Jeans (our review), but if you are looking for something standard or in this price range, these will meet those expectations.

Overall, not recommended.

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Everlane The Performance Jean