Alex Mill Blazer

Alex Mill is a small clothing house which makes items tailored towards a more modern casual to smart casual wardrobe. One thing which caught my eye about the brand is how they take a style first approach towards making functional clothing. It’s almost like classic items with modern cuts and subdued performance highlights. Their Mill Blazer seemed to fit a hole I had perfectly, so I snapped it up to throw on for work, or a night out.


This is the cotton-twill variant which is 98% cotton, and 2% spandex. The jacket is unstructured with no lining or any other details. The hand feel is fantastic, thick and durable feeling but still soft to the touch.

Interestingly, the 2% spandex is actually noticeable when you wear the jacket. It’s not going to make you feel like you have full and free movement, but it is enough to allow give where and when needed. More than that, this allows the material to look and drape properly.

Fit and Style

Aces on both here. The style is great, it will dress up a casual outfit, and tone down a more dressed up look. The Vintage Kahki color is also great, and pairs well with most pants that I wear.

My standard size large produced a great fit, and you’ll find it is a more tailored fit than not. I think their size charts accurately reflect the fit of the items. The style itself is a casual blazer, which means it will dress up a pair of jeans, and dress down nicer chinos. Dead on smart casual for style here.


Unfortunately, the performance of this jacket isn’t there. It wrinkles when you wear it, the weight is mid-weight and will work well in cooler, but not cold weather. It soaks up water, no repellency here.

The only performance aspect is the minor stretch — which I think is quite nice, but certainly not enough to stand up to the Kinetic blazer. When compared to other performance blazers, this one fails. When compared to stuffier blazers I have owned in the past, this is a refreshing change.


Here’s the thing, it is super comfortable to wear this jacket all day long. I love the fit and style and that alone means that the touch of stretch is welcomed. However, it is hard to compare it to the other blazers I have reviewed for this site. Every other blazer listed on this site, is a better performing garment — flat out.

That said, every other blazer reviewed here to date, cannot hold a candle to the Mill Blazer when it comes to style. The Mill Blazer is cut better, wears better, and looks correct. There’s an odd balance there. When paired with a high performing shirt, the blazer works well and as long as you wear it in normal temps for normal tasks you are fine.

You’ll need to decide which is more important: style, or performance. I have yet to find a blazer that does both well.

For me, this will not make it in my suitcase when I travel for work, but will likely be my go to when I travel for personal trips. It will also likely become my go to blazer for the office as well.

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Alex Mill Blazer