Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket

We’ve reviewed quite a few Taylor Stitch items, but this is the first piece of outerwear we’ve checked out. The Ojai Jacket is one of their signature pieces that they make in various fabrics, from cotton to waxed canvas to wool. The style is a take on the classic French workwear jacket, sometimes called a “chore coat”.

I am taking a look at the Washed Charcoal variant.


The fabric is a washed, 8-oz. 100% organic cotton. The wash gives it a soft feel right out of the box, so no need for any break-in to feel comfortable. To give the weight some context, it is heavier than all your shirting except the most burly wool or flannel shirts.


The fabric performs as you’d expect being 100% cotton, it breathes but isn’t moisture wicking. Functionality is where the jacket shines.

With functional sleeve buttons, dual entry patch pockets, and a large chest pocket (with stitching to keep a pen or pencil in place), the jacket shows its heritage as a work jacket. It is easy to roll up the sleeves when you are getting dirty or keep your hands out of the wind in the side entry portion of the pockets.

It’s a great outer layer for the 40-60s °F, depending on what you layer underneath — a t-shirt for warmer weather or a flannel in the fall.

Fit & Style

There is a reason the Ojai is one of Taylor Stitch’s signature styles that keeps coming back. They’ve managed to make the classic French chore coat a more modern and functional jacket. The fit is perfect, as it’s not too bulky while still allowing for a layer underneath. It’s a good balance where it works with something as light as a t-shirt up to a flannel.

This fabric makes the jacket a pure casual/workwear piece, but works well with the overall look.

The most interesting style choice is the ring-back buttons. This means that the buttons have a brass stud on the back with a ring on the inside to hold the buttons on.

Having these buttons on the cuffs is the only issue I have as it isn’t great for watch-wearers. I’m not sure if it would cause damage, but I’m cautious when wearing a watch, as the metal button stud and ring can come in contact with it.


The Ojai Jacket in Washed Charcoal is a great interpretation of a chore coat in a classic fabric. I found myself reaching for the jacket quite a bit in the spring, and I am looking forward to wearing it more once the weather cools down.

At $188, I don’t think I’d add the jacket to my wardrobe, but during a sale, I’d definitely pick it up. Recommended.

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Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket