Western Rise Spectrum Jogger

Note: these were provided by Western Rise at no cost for review.

When Western Rise launched their new Active Collection, I was excited to see the Spectrum Jogger, as I was already thinking that I needed another pair of joggers going into Fall.

Joggers are something that can easily go too far in the fashion or comfort directions, but Western Rise hit the sweet spot with these pants. Performant for exercise while still looking great.


The joggers are made from a 100% polyester, warp-knit, four-way mechanical stretch fabric with a C6 DWR from Toray in Japan. It weighs in at 220 gsm, so it is substantial.

What does that all mean? The hand feel is soft like a knit fabric, but it is thicker and more durable like a woven. The DWR helps repel water and stains. All while having a firm stretch so they can move with you.

This is the perfect material for a jogger.


Being a warm summer, I hadn’t had a chance to give these pants much of a try until we had an early morning in the 50s (°F). I wore these for a run and I was impressed by the performance. Typically, I don’t wear pants for exercise until its into the 40s but these pants breath so well they remained comfortable. I was expecting to get too hot, but never got there. That in its own is enough for me to get excited about them.

They also never seemed to pick up much sweat, absorbing and releasing the moisture quite quickly. This is also beneficial when washing, as they air dry quickly.

The mechanical stretch, while firm, is surprisingly forgiving even with the modern fit. I never felt the pants binding or restricting my motion running or stretching.

Fit & Style

The fit here is great. It’s a modern cut, which for me means that there is enough room for my thighs, with a taper from the knee down, keeping them from being too big around my calves or ankles. This is a solution I prefer to the typical elastic ankle cuff you see on many joggers.

I found the design of the elastic waist to be top notch, as it never felt too tight or too loose where I needed to use the drawstring (which ends with a small knot secured by shrink tubing).

This fit combined with the fabric make these look great for around town on the weekend.

A few other touches include a zipper pocket hidden in the side seam that’s a good size for keys, and a zippered back pocket for your wallet.


These are a great entry into the jogger space, and have earned a top spot in my closet. They can easily go from a workout or hike to coffee or hanging out on the weekend. I’m excited to see how these perform as the weather cools off, as they seem like they will have a wide comfort range.

Highly recommended.

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Western Rise Spectrum Jogger