What We’re Wearing — Quarantine Summer into Fall

COVID-19 and the lockdown nature of most major cities and offices have lead to a drastic change and flexibility in all our wardrobes. So, when you only work a couple dozen or so feet from your closet, and no one can smell, oreven see you close up — what do you wear?


WFH Summer-Fall Attire: Since about June my clothing has stabilized to Outlier New Way shorts, and some sort of short sleeve shirt. I basically rotate through my polo shirts, and short sleeve button ups. My go to shirts (or I guess preferred) during lock down are easily the GORUCK American Polo Stealth (only the spearhead version is available at the time of publication). They’re just comfortable, and they have a collar so no one really says anything on calls. Good enough for the video calls, comfortable and easy to maintain.

WFH Early Fall Attire: It is, as I write this, it is just starting to cool off here in Texas, so I have been mixing in some long sleeve button downs. I’ll keep on that track and maybe eventually start wearing pants? If and when I move to pants they’ll certainly be either the Aether or Olivers pants I own — those are both very comfortable. For shirts, I’ll likely get reacquainted with my Wool & Prince button downs, and rejoice in the reduction of laundry.

Thoughts on Attire Heading Back to the Office: A lot of people are predicting the rise of more casual garb when we head back in, not to mention fashion trends were pointing more towards looser fitting clothing before lock down. But, the rise of business casual and then eventually smart casual happened as a way to revolt or stand out from the suit and tie crowds. So if heading back into the office everyone comes in a little more casual looking, then being a little more formal looking with be the revolt dress code.

I read an interesting article about how the loss of suits as a daily uniform has resulted in a rise of wearing suits on the weekends. I could see something like that happening, but I hope not. I’m not a fan of suits. My current plan is just sticking to what I always wore, because I always found it comfortable. My office has always been more casual than not, and firmly in the smart casual arena, with even some wearing t-shirts daily.

If I had to make one prediction, it would be that I think footwear is going to be the biggest change. I mean months and months of not wearing anything more than perhaps slippers, and now you want me to wear wingtips again? I tried on some of my work shoes the other day and I was like “oh boy”. I bet more casual footwear comes out, and I welcome it. Any excuse really to go buy the Red Wing Iron Rangers I have been wanting for years.


WFH Summer Attire: Not doing many video calls for work (don’t get too jealous, I’m still on conference calls much of my day) I really went casual for the warm days of the summer. I usually just threw on whatever shorts and t-shirt I had around. Some favorites were Outlier New Ways, Myles Momentum Short, and Faherty Brand All Day Shorts. I have too many t-shirts to count, but it was always something merino or another odor resistant option, but once I picked up my Jungmaven Baja Tee, it was a go to.

WFH Early Fall Attire: It’s finally starting to get chilly up north, so I’m adding pants and warmer button-ups into my rotation. Mostly my Western Rise Spectrum Jogger and Myles Apparel Momentum Pant. My lighter flannels have started to come out, like the Western Rise TechWool and Patagonia Lightweight Fjord Flannel.

I’m also looking forward to my Taylor Stitch Crater and a new wool overshirt I’m testing. Vests are also always helpful with the Patagonia Better Sweater Vest and Taylor Stitch The Vertical Vest in rotation.

I’m starting to feel bad for my Wool & Prince button-ups hanging in my closet.

Thoughts on Attire Heading Back to the Office: I’m with Ben, except I don’t even anticipate the “more formal looking revolt dress code”. I think jeans are going to become acceptable every day. Just please don’t let pleated pants come back with the trend towards looser fitting clothing.

As far as more casual footwear, I’m all for it. Boots all the way for me, but wear what is comfortable. It’s not worth destroying your feet.

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What We’re Wearing — Quarantine Summer into Fall