Perseverance Survival Woobie Hoodie

A military poncho liner is affectionately called a ‘woobie’ and for a long time now I have seen all over the web how much people love these poncho liners. So when I came across Perseverance Survival’s Woobie Hoodie, I knew I would need to get one.

This is a standard hoodie, made from a military poncho liner. And it is awesome, thanks to my wife and kids for getting me this as a gift.


Normally we like to really analyze what the materials are, and go deep into them. This hoodie is really lacking on what the materials are. All I can tell you is that the shell is a rip stop nylon of a very thin nature, and the fill is 100% polyester. The cuffs are a pretty standard stretchy cotton like cuff.

I have not been able to find anything more than that.

Fit and Style

It might be hard to see from the pictures (camo joke, sorry) but the fit is generally boxy with plenty of room throughout the body. The sleeves fit a little more form fitting and the length is average.

Generally speaking this is not something easily layered under anything other than a looser fitting jacket and the look is that of a hoodie. Purely drinking in the backyard while talking with friends for style.


The only way to evaluate this is to talk about the warmth and comfort. There’s nothing new about the materials used to make this. It is realistically thin and extremely light, while offering an impressive amount of warmth. It doesn’t breathe particularly well either.

I’ve worn this for a lot of social distanced gatherings outside and find it pretty comfortable up to about 60°F and down to about 40°F depending on what is layered underneath. I find it too warm to wear indoors if your heat is working, as it heats up fast.

The generous room in the body allows the slimmer arms to still not restrict movement when you are wearing it, so note that if you are larger chested as you might want to size up.

This is an extremely comfortable hoodie to wear in the sense that it is cozy. You’ll be warm whenever you wear this, I added a grid fleece under it one night to stay warm into the high 30s.

Oddly, the hoodie is labeled to be hand washed only with dire warnings about being around fire (I assume the nylon will easily get holes from sparks). That said, I have worn it around many campfires with no issues to report.

The hood is also something to note, as I find it quite nice. I generally do not like hoods, but on this hoodie it works really well to add warmth, without it being restrictive. Big fan.


As I mentioned at the start, I love this hoodie. I don’t think it is the most performant thing I own — not even close — but it is one of the most comfortable I own. If I was headed somewhere cold, I would pack this for sure. And I have worn it about every chance I have had here in Texas.

I recommend it.

Many colors are available, not just the camo shown, but I have this one.

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Perseverance Survival Woobie Hoodie