Outlier F.Cloth Yes Pants

When Outlier released the F.Cloth Yes Pants we thought “do we really need $148 lounge pants made from our favorite Outlier fabric”? The initial answer was no, but when the price dropped to $88, they were hard to resist. After wearing these around our home offices for a while now, the answer is “Yes”!


These are made from Outlier’s F.Cloth, which is the fabric used for the Futureslimworks as well. It’s a 200gsm 97% Nylon, 3% Elastane canvas with 35% two-way stretch. What makes this fabric special is texture the air texturized nylon-6,6 yarns give the fabric. It’s all topped off with a fluorocarbon-free F0 DWR.

It wears light while not being breezy. It’s not warm and cozy or overly cool. The structure and finish is enough to pass as standard cotton to most people.

Fit & Style

These pants are pure comfort. We weren’t quite sure what to expect from lounge pants cut from our favorite chino fabric, but it works. If you don’t want baggy, look elsewhere, but Outlier hit these spot on as work from/lounge around home pants. The style seems to be going that way anyways, and the F.Cloth adds some interest to the look — something different from the standard polyester or nylon lounge pants.

They are baggy with and elastic waist solid comfort. If your shirt is worn untucked (and it should be in these) then they are going to look fine whether you stand up on a video call, collect your UberEats, or dash to the mailbox. I do find that I have to cuff them when I’m wearing some shoes.


While there is stretch here, you don’t need it in these pants. They just flow around whatever you’re doing. The elastic waistband with (interior) 3Bar cinch is great as well, it’s as secure as a normal pair of pants with a belt. When it comes to cold weather, the performance is the same as Futureslimworks. They are more cut out for three season wear in the colder climates.

The pockets are borrowed from the New Ways, a thin mesh with a little bounce. They hold items well, while never getting in the way. And these pants do the same: never get in the way and offer ease of care, comfort and sharper looks than joggers.


These have quickly become the only pants I want to wear when around the house. While the full price of $148 seems a bit steep at first, now that we’ve seen what these pants actually are it seems reasonable. When stacked up against some of the more expensive joggers and lounge pants made from more standard materials, these pull way ahead in function.

Grab these while you have a chance at $88. If you miss out (or prefer an external drawstring), the Futureyes Pants are also available.


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Outlier F.Cloth Yes Pants