Nui Organics Colville Tee

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The t-shirt market is quite busy with various merino blends, while I hadn’t heard of Nui Organics before they reached out —I’m always game to try another tee with odor resistance claims. Nui sent me their Colville Tee, and I’ve been testing it at home and for travel.


This is a lightweight tee, made from 56% Tencel, 38% Merino Wool, and 6% Elastane. Nui notes that the Tencel Lyocell is made by Lenzing from sustainably grown beech trees with a closed loop solvent system, but no details about the wool.

This all makes for a stretchy fabric, with a slight sheen or smooth look on the surface, which remains even after washing. The hand feel is also supremely soft, probably due to the high Tencel content.

It should be noted that the care tag specifies lay flat dry. I had no problems with shrinkage doing that, but there could be issues if it accidentally ends up in the dryer.

Fit & Style

The tee fits me on the slim/athletic side (and a bit more snug than I typically wear my tees, I got an XL and I usually wear an XL). This could be a great option if you often find your shirts too baggy.

Style wise, this is a bit of a dressier shirt for me, due to the smooth/shiny look to the fabric, but it’s not so shiny that it looks out of place in a casual environment. It also has a nice drape, but not like cotton — it’s more of a flowy drape.


Let’s hit their claims one by one.

  • Odor free: I was surprised by this one, even though it’s only 38% merino, this held off odors as long as my high merino content blend tees. The Tencel clearly also lends to the odor resistance.
  • Temperature regulating: This shirt remained cool in the heat. Could be attributed to the weight, but no complaints here.
  • Breathable: Again no complaints, performs well.
  • Moisture wicking: Never felt moist in this shirt, it keeps the sweat away from my skin.
  • Quick drying: Not sure on this, on a sweaty day, the armpits stayed moist, but the wicking kept it comfortable. It is almost dry when it comes out of the washer, though.


This is a solid tee, and if you are looking for something smooth while still having odor resistant properties, this is worth a look. It doesn’t feel scratchy at all like high merino content blends can, and it performs on par odor wise. Normally priced at $79, the Colville Tee is currently a great deal for 40% off.

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Nui Organics Colville Tee