Filson Draftsman Canvas Pants

Like Ben, I have also gradually switched over to more natural materials in my wardrobe, and have been enjoying the outcome. I’ve realized, that in most cases, a properly fit pair of pants is more comfortable in cotton than a 4-way stretch synthetic fabric. The Filson Draftsman Canvas Pants were my first purchase outside of the technical pant realm, and were what initially set me in this direction.


Filson describes the fabric as “midweight 9.5-oz. Panama canvas is tightly-woven in a basket-weave pattern for structure and excellent durability”. The weigh of the fabric gives these great drape, and then when you get closer, the texture adds some interest, while still remaining business casual. The stated composition is 99% cotton/1% elastane, in hand, there is a bit of stretch side-to-side, but nothing particularly noticeable while wearing.

Another issue that can arise with cotton chinos in dark colors is fading, while I’ve seen a bit of fading over the year I’ve had these, it’s much less than I remember from my old days wearing cotton chinos. I wash cold and tumble dry warm — so they hold up well with no special care needed.

Fit & Style

These chinos work perfectly with an oxford button-down, or other business casual shirt. Surprisingly, the weight and texture also allow them to work well dressed down, making them very versatile pants. The side-seam front pockets and welted back pockets dress them up, while the coin pocket and single rear pocket flap add some interest.

The cut here is straight, but with enough room in the seat and thighs to make them very comfortable, even for an athletic build. The only caveat is that they are cut slightly shorter than the stated inseam, making them mainly a pant to wear with boots for me.

Note from Ben: I found I had to go one length up on the inseam, and have them hemmed to the proper length.


I’ve worn these pants from the winter into 70s and low 80s and have never felt uncomfortable. The midweight keeps you comfortable in the winter, while the structure of the fabric keeps things cool in the warmer months. I’ve worn these year-round for work and travel. They wouldn’t be my first pick for a hot summer evening, but are certainly great work pants for the whole year.

They also move quite well, I’ve never felt restricted wearing them, even though they have no noticeable stretch while wearing. The lack of stretch is a hidden benefit over highly stretchy pants — you can get more wears out of them because they don’t bag out.

I have these in both Charcoal and Dark Navy; the Charcoal being an almost black-grey and the Dark Navy being a classic navy. Both are great for paring with shirts of many colors (although I do favor white and blue Oxford).

Rounding the great performance out are the pockets, too deep or too shallow pockets are always a big negative, but these are perfect.


These are great all year office pants for me, as I mostly wear business casual for work. They quickly became a favorite, hence owning two pairs, and are my go-to pants in many situations, even outside of work.

Another note from Ben: I’m also a big fan of these, really nice offering and a solid price for what you get.

Buy here, $150.

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Filson Draftsman Canvas Pants