More Recycling Can’t Fix The Fundamental Flaws With Fast Fashion

We ran across this article, and the key point in this article strikes home with the mission we have for Everyday Wear:

The average American purchases a staggering 65 new garments a year, contributing to the 150 billion new pieces of clothing manufactured globally every year. Worse, Americans aren’t keeping their coal-made clothes: They’re throwing away 80 pounds of clothing per person per year, a 100% increase from 20 years ago.

We strive to review and recommend clothes that you will want to keep for a long time.

Another way for a more sustainable clothing industry is repair. Some of the best brands offer to repair their clothes (Patagonia and Arc’teryx). Patagonia even provides guides on how to repair their gear yourself and buys-back, cleans, and resells used gear in their Worn Wear program.

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