Ben’s Packing List — April Beach Weekend 2018

Trip Details: A quick weekend with the family on the Washington coast.


Other Gear

  • Toiletries
  • Quick Kit (band aids and other odds and ends)
  • Beach Kit (lighter, knife, hand wipes, etc.)
  • Electronics Kit (chargers and such)
  • iPad Pro

I packed everything in my trusty GORUCK GR1 26L.


I packed too heavy for this trip, as I could have left behind my entire beach kit — I didn’t need it. Same with the electronics kit as I had chargers at the destination I used (I’m finding this more and more common, which is hard to deal with when you want to pack as light as possible, but charging is also crucial). Also the Rucking Tee is normally a workout shirt for me, but it was tremendous this weekend and has me looking to get something else from GORUCK in the PowerDry fabric they use from Polartec. It’s not very odor resistant, but it is very comfortable.

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Ben’s Packing List — April Beach Weekend 2018