Bluffworks Black Friday Sale 2019

It’s no secret that Bluffworks makes some great travel clothing. We’ve reviewed and continue to wear many of their pieces. Starting today, they’ve launched their Black Friday sale with up to 30% off (Men’s, Women’s).

If you’re looking for some great button-ups or polos, two of our favorites are 30% off — the Meridian 2.0 (our review) and the Piton Polo (our review). We haven’t tried it yet, but the Zenith Dress Shirt is available for 20% off.

A T-Shirt favorite, the Threshold T-Shirt (our review) is also available for 20% off.

When it comes to pants, Bluffworks has it figured out when it comes to travel pockets. For a more casual look, the Ascender Chino (our review) is available for 30% off. If you are looking for dress pants, the Gramercy Pant (our review) is $25 off, which pairs well with the Gramercy Blazer ($100 off, our review) for a nice travel suit.

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Bluffworks Black Friday Sale 2019