Western Rise AirLoft Quilted Jacket

Note: this jacket was provided for review purposes by Western Rise.

I came across the Western Rise AirLoft Quilted Jacket last year, but only after it was sold out. When I got the chance to give it a try this year, I jumped at the opportunity, as it seemed like it would fill a gap in my outerwear lineup. I am blown away, it performs way above my expectations.


The magic in this jacket is from the Toray 3DeFX+ insulation. It is a hollow-core, 4-way stretch, continuous fiber insulation and is advertised as the loftiest, most breathable, and stretchiest synthetic insulation on the market.

You often only find continuous fiber insulation in high-end technical jackets. The key being that it gives the fibers the most durability and resistance to settling and bunching in the jacket.

The body contains 60g of insulation and the sleeves 40g.

The face fabrics are 4-way stretch 100% polyester, with the face being more durable and the interior light and soft so it feels good on the skin. To top it all off, there is a DWR coating on the exterior face.

Fit & Style

This jacket has a classic quilted look with a button front and a drop tail. Western Rise did a great job infusing performance technology into a jacket while keeping it looking sharp. For me, this is a perfect jacket to pair with business wear, but it also works with a casual weekend look.

I’d describe the fit here as more like a blazer than what you typically find in a performance technical jacket. That works well for me, but something to keep in mind if you are planning to wear it with multiple layers underneath.

Some nice little details include the side seam hand pockets and the internal chest zip pocket (great for a phone or thin wallet). Additionally, rather than having elastic cuffs, there are snaps, making it easier to roll up the sleeves if needed.


I was amazed by the performance of this jacket. The insulation is very thin and lightweight but it also very warm and breathable. It is comfortable to wear on a cool fall day, even moving between being inside and out. I was able to wear it outside walking around on a windy day in the mid-30s(F). I would probably have been a little cold if I wasn’t moving, but I was very comfortable walking and did not feel any wind through the jacket.

This is a range I don’t get from any of my other jackets. In the dead of winter, this would have to become a mid-layer, and the cut lends itself to that.

The 4-way stretch also makes this jacket extremely comfortable. Even with a close fit, I never feel restricted.

To top it all off, the DWR on the face fabric does a great job shedding a light rain. Even if the jacket did get wet, the insulation ability would not be affected since it is synthetic (unlike down).

The only issue I found was in cold and windy conditions. Since there is no drawstring around the bottom or near the bottom of the jacket, you can get some cold wind blowing underneath. This was most noticeable trying to keep my hands warm in the pockets — the interior fabric was so breathable, any wind that found its way in kept my hands chilly.


Western Rise hit this one out of the park. They paired a great design with some amazing insulation technology to get a highly performant jacket in a classic looking package.

This is one I’m going to keep grabbing throughout the cold months. The only time I might go for something else is either on a frigid dry day where my down might perform better or when I need some more room underneath for layering.

Overall, if you are looking for an everyday jacket that can take you from weekend to business casual, I’d put the AirLoft at the top.

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Western Rise AirLoft Quilted Jacket