Outerknown BBQ Shirt

Note: This shirt was provided by Outerknown for review purposes.

Now that it has finally warmed up here, I’ve gotten a chance to give the Outerknown BBQ Shirt a good test. The shirt is a camp style, so perfect for summer. While not a style I’d have picked on my own, I loved it as soon as I put it on, and it will definitely be in my rotation for casual summer wear.


The material is a lightweight 93% organic cotton, 7% hemp blend. Looking at the shirt, you’d expect it to be 100% cotton, but the addition of hemp adds some performance without compromising on the softness or texture. Of course, being from Outerknown, they also use corozo buttons here adding to the sustainability of the shirt.

The shirt comes out of the wash looking fairly wrinkled, but after hanging to dry, it is ready to wear. This is something I don’t often see with all or high cotton button-ups and was surprising. This makes it a no fuss and an easy choice.


Even though it doesn’t have a high hemp content, this shirt is light and very breathable. It keeps cool in the heat, although it hasn’t seen hot and humid summer weather yet I expect it to perform there as well. The performance of the hemp definitely comes through here in the breathability.

Of course this is a one or two wear shirt, but that’s not a surprise. The fabric dries quickly for a cotton blend though, and the lack of wrinkles makes it easy to toss in the wash and have it ready to wear the next day.

Fit & Style

The shirt is described as a “Classic Fit”, so it fits on the casual side, but not so much that it looks like you threw on your dad’s camp shirt from the 80s. I think it is spot on for this style of shirt.

I love how they interpreted the classic camp shirt. The style can sometimes be quite open in the neck, but the top button is higher here, so it works for me.


This shirt is going to be a top pick from my closet for summer evenings and weekends. If you are looking for a casual, comfortable, natural fiber shirt for the summer, the Outerknown BBQ Shirt is worth a look.

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Outerknown BBQ Shirt