Proof Elements Jacket

When I saw the Elements Jacket from Proof (a Huckberry brand), it looked like a good-looking lightweight jacket, something that was missing in my wardrobe. Since we’ve had good experiences with other Proof pieces, I decided to give it a try.


The fabric is what Proof calls ThermoTech (73% cotton, 24% polyester, 3% wool) with the claim that it “heats itself as you wear it, allowing you to stay warm without being weighed down with a super thick jacket”.

I was skeptical of that claim before trying the jacket, but it is a warmer jacket than it appears. I’ve found it to be comfortable down to about 40° F — much cooler than I had expected; yet still breathable enough to put on over a t-shirt or short sleeve polo in the 60s.

This is a great looking fabric. It has no technical sheen, and has an interesting texture.

The lining is 100% polyester, designed to make it easier to put on and take off the jacket. It does a great job, with no need to hold your cuffs to keep them from sliding up. To prevent cutting the breathability of the jacket with too much polyester, the lining in the body is mesh.


The performance here is excellent, in addition to keeping me warm in cooler temperatures than expected, the jacket blocks wind very well. Even on a chilly, breezy morning, I was comfortable walking around with just a midweight long sleeve tee underneath; this could go even colder with a sweater or heavy shirt underneath.

When warmer out, the jacket manages moisture well, so you remain comfortable even if you get a bit sweaty. This is where the two-way zipper comes in handy as well — you can open up the bottom to get some extra airflow.

The only negative is that since the fabric seems to retain heat like the claims discuss, it stays warm once you go inside. I always find myself at least un-zipping the jacket immediately, and if I was warm outside, often taking it off.

Proof also touts the water-resistance of the jacket. While a DWR isn’t specified, it reacts to a light drizzle like it is treated with one.

Fit & Style

The fit and style of this jacket are spot on to fit perfectly into the spot of a lightweight jacket for business casual that can also be dressed down for the weekend.

The XL fits me close, but with enough room to layer with a sweater for colder weather.

The hand pockets, button-flap chest pocket, and button snap cuffs add to the utility, and sharp look of the jacket. There is also an internal pocket towards the bottom of the jacket.


The Proof Elements Jacket is going to be my go-to for a lighter jacket that looks good while performing. Being lightweight and sharp looking but comfortable in a fairly wide temperature range, this is great jacket for work, travel, and around town.

Currently on sale for $111, I think this jacket offers an excellent value, and would purchase it again even at the full $148 price.

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Proof Elements Jacket